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DAY 3: Meeting a New Friend
Today not so many things Happen I met one new friend thought me some basics equipsments for woe i just hunt some cards today. They also help me and teach me how to refine in the server. I hope i can join the woe later sad

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I am posting this for my blog as a player. This is my Comback blog to Raganarok!
The last time I played this game was way back 2005 and my knowledge and skills
Really did suffer a lot considering those 2 are not my strong points so yup
I am a below average player before and now even worst. Hahahaha. By the way I
Will kill my intro and put some stories behind my simple Adventure here in Elements Ragnarok Online!!! ( Music insert!! Yup just choose any music you like )

Day 1: Kath get to know the Game
As a classic player the 2 only character i had before was a lv 95 hunter and a lv 90 priest. Yup i didnt make it to the trans sorry sad. So decided to make a sniper as
I remember sniper is a good farming Job to start. I didnt research a lot in this forum cause i want adventure ( this is just a cover for my laziness! Sorry Mom! )
So where are we? And lucky i met Red and Bear both of them help me out ahow me the freebies npc quest and even the mall. They are my 2 best friend in this
Game and yup i just called them best friend. Hahaha Red and Bear just calm down ok? Its ok i am the one only you treating you as a best friend here. Hahaha.
So i gear up some items and guess what i feel so strong with this noc items hahaha. So as a tight pocket type of person guess what I did? I didnt even use the free manuals. Hahaha i grind to 99/70 without it and i found out that you can buy it at the shop too. Karma is a bitch. Hahaha. So this time i dont know what to do So and decided to gear up my items and check the quest items then yup i will this a MVP sniper oh yeah but they are still too strong for me cause i tried to kill one hahahah. Then a started to research by the way last time i didnt know this RMS and i just found it out so i go and a quick a search2 i checked the accessories and boom i saw this bow thimble and i am very hype and the site said i can be possible to make a slot on it and i ask Red again if we have that kind of slotting and yup they have so i go hunt some and I am so lucky Red gave me some money  to start and I have the zeny to complete the slotting. I thought thia will be easy first I did hunt for 2 bow thimble only hahaha and my first try boom easy baby hahaha. Then the problem starts for my second bow thimble. It took me around 15 to 20 tries ( frustration estimate only ) before i got my second [1] Bow thimble. Hahaha. Then i go hunt for my hunter set cards. After i got them all like a pokemon gotta catch them all Pokemonn!!!! I did it so proud to myself. Hahaha. I still cant kill a boss with just DS hahaha. But hey a good Day 1 for me already dont be so mean. ? ( oh yeah i have this funny experience in my falcon rental i am complaining that why I cant rent it the reason is just simple i already have on my first try i just didnt saw it hahaha)

Day 2: White Kath (Whitesmith is born)
I saw this at youtube during my break at work cart temination is so cool. Plus i have the Over Charge skill more money baby. And yup i used my manual this time. Hahaha. So i only play around 1 and 2 hpurs on my working day I know I know but working as an Secretary is not an easy job I have a tons of Over Times so chill out okay? Where are we? Oh yeah easy whitesmith for me hahaha. Thank you manual. I tried to kill a boss and my target was the Orc Hero. I want the giant axe cause on the video he is using it but oh my oh my. My Cart termination sucks at damaging hahaha. I tried many builds but not working hahaha. Maybe i must really need to do some quest or maybe. A Champion will be born ??. Till next time i will post my Day 3 story and take care everyone.

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The rose is sad cause it is nerf when you sell it at npc sad

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