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Disabled Items in Vanilla WoE/Vanilla PVP

Please be informed that there is a VANILLA WoE in the server every Monday and Friday at 10:00 PM - 11:00 PM server time. Hence, there is also a restriction items that cannot be used during the time. All these items are also applied in PVP NO-CUSTOM and RESTRICTED ELEMENTS FARM. The items are as follows:

Restiction Item List

Healing Items
Yggdrasil Berry
Yggdrasil Seed
Speed Potion

Custom Items
The Sign
Elemental Sword
Boarding Halter
Hat of the Sun God
Anubis Helm
Orc Hero Headdress
Divine Helm
Traveler Hat
Ten Gallon Hat Of Flame
Pimp Hat
Niffleheim Bunny Hat
Cute Novice
Wind Milestone
Black Wind Milestone
Red Cat Ears Beret
Evil Druid Hat
Red Silk Hat
Black Dragon Head
Great Anthler Hat
Knight Helmet
Mystery Cat Hat
Dragon Hat
Fire Hat
Black Deadmou5 Hat
Blue Deadmou5 Hat
Green Deadmou5 Hat
Orange Deadmou5 Hat
Pink Deadmou5 Hat
Red Deadmou5 Hat
Black Angel Of Ghost
Nightvision Goggles
Beat Headphones Black
Freyas Great Sword
Light Staff
Sharumans Staff
Back Scythe
Basic Guitar 08
Arch White
Red Fluffy Wing
Arch Blue
Black Fluffy Wing
Yellow Fluffly Wing
Omnis Wings
Ice Wing
Vengeance Wing
Kirin Wings
Vindicated Wing
Mini Angel Wings
Satan Wings
Ladybug Wings
Royal Phoenix Wings
White Wings
Daeva Wings
Black Rogue Cape
Furry Black Coat
Blessing Of Porings
Poring Ring
Marin Ring
Bat Ring
Dragon Shenron
Lovely Ribbon
Rainbow Sash
Jack Castle Bat
Archangel Aura
Archdevil Aura
Butterfly Ring
Bubble Ring
Water Goddess Aura
3Candy Ring
Rings Heart
Birds Blessing Purple
Celestial Veil
Music Ring
Northern Star Ring
Guardian Ninja
Haunting Spirits
Elemental Aura
Flower Aura
Day Ring
Night Ring
Fish Aura
Spirit Aura
Elements Card
Hades Armor
Hades Robe
Hades Manteau
Hades Boots

MVP Cards
Addax Card
Amon Ra Card
Assassin Cross Card
Atroce Card
White Lady Card
Baphomet Card
Berzebub Card
Dark Lord Card
Detardeurus Card
Doppelganger Card
Dracula Card
Drake Card
Eddga Card
Evil Snake Lord Card
Fallen Bishop Hibram Card
Hatii Card
Gloom Under Night Card
Golden Thief Bug Card
High Priest Card
High Wizard Card
Ifrit Card
Samurai Spector Card
Kiel-D-01 Card
Stormy Knight Card
Ktullanux Card
Lady Tanee Card
Lord Knight Card
Lord of The Dead Card
Maya Card
Mistress Card
Moonlight Flower Card
Orc Hero Card
Orc Lord Card
Osiris Card
Pharaoh Card
Phreeoni Card
RSX-0806 Card
Sniper Card
Tao Gunka Card
Memory of Thanatos Card
Turtle General Card
Randgris Card
Vesper Card
MasterSmith Card
General Egnigem Cenia Card
Hades Card
Naght Sieger Card

Mini MVP Cards
Angeling Card
Arc Angeling Card
Bloody Knight Card
Bow Guardian Card
Byorgue Card
Cat O' Nine Tails Card
Chimera Card
Dark Illusion Card
Dark Priest Card
Deviling Card
Dragon Fly Card
Eclipse Card
Executioner Card
Galion Card
Gemini-S58 Card
Ghostring Card
Gryphon Card
Hydrolancer Card
Mastering Card
Maya Purple Card
Mutant Dragonoid Card
Mysteltainn Card
Necromancer Card
Owl Baron Card
Sword Guardian Card
Ogretooth Card
Toad Card
Vagabond Wolf Card
Vocal Card
Entweihen Crothen Card
Gargoyle Card
Siroma Card
Imp Card
Hill Wind Card
Cookie Card


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