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World of Mining

World of Mining


NPC: David Watson

Location: Prontera 145 288


NPC: Mining Guide

Location: Caspen 171 230

First, you must purchase the Drilling Boots from David. You are encouraged to equip the boots to gain access to new mining skills.
The first step in the mining process is making a drill.

In order to make a drill you must send a whisper to "npc:mine" with the word "make".


It may take several attempts before you succeed in making your drill. Just keep repeating the process until you succeed.

Once you have your Drilling Boots and you have created your drill you will be ready to start drilling..but first, you have to find the mine!

You must go to a map where mines are known to be found (full list can be found by talking to Mining Guide NPC located in Caspen 171 230) and try to find the exact spot where the mine is located. They are invisible but luckily you have a "Detection" miner skill that will guide you on finding the mine's location.

In order to detect the mine simply send any message to "npc:mine" - For example, "Drill", "Detect", or.."sdjskja". Anything will work.

The Detection skill will advise you to move up, down, left or right until you find the exact location of the mine. It may take a few attempts before you actually find the mine, but once you can mine it for quite a while before the mine is destroyed or runs out of minerals.

Once you find the exact location of the Mine, you can again send a message to "npc:mine" to start drilling the mine and excavating valuable minerals.

Once you start mining you will start noticing that the Drill gets Hotter whenever you drill on a mine. You must pay attention to the "Heat" in your chatbox because if your drill reaches a Heat of 100 the drill will break and you will have to create another drill whispering "make" to "npc:mine".

It is Recommended that you stop drilling when you reach a heat of  80-90 in order to make sure your drill does not break. It usually takes only a few seconds for the drill to cool down after you stop so you can begin drilling again soon after.

Whenever you mine you will earn  Miner EXP. This experience is used to level up your Mining Skills. Even when you do not find any items in the mine, your miner exp will still increase. The deeper you dig, the more experience you will earn.  However, keep in mind that if you break your drill or you move while drilling, you will lose Miner EXP. You can check your current mining level and experience on the message that appears each time you drill.

When you level up, you will be awarded with Miner Skill Points. These points can be used to level up Miner Skills that will increase your productivity while mining. You get at a minimum 3 skill points per level, but the number of skill points received may vary depending on your Miner Level.

To view all skills and/or to level up Miner Skills send a whisper to "npc:mine" with the word "skill".




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Re: World of Mining

Miner Skills

Below is a list of all the Miner Skills available:


  • Lynx Eye: (1-10) Improved detection capability, at level 10 the player can jump directly to the mine or show it on the mini-map.

  • Diamond Head: (1-10) Increases the heat resistance in (10 * Skill) %

  • Faster Drill: (1-25) Increase the Drill speed in a (2 * Skill) %

  • Lucky Miner: (1-10) Increases the chances of gain minerals (Skill / 20) %

  • Quick Rest: (1-10) The drill turns cold faster (10 * Skill) %

  • Money Maker: (1-20) Gives a chance of receiving 1,000 zeny every time the Drill spins. (Skill) %

  • Merchant Blood: (1-20) Increases the power of the drill and gain more depth after each try (Skill) % (Only Merchant Class)

  • Weight Boots: (1-45) Increases the weight limit when using Driller Boots. (1 + Skill / 5) % (All Classes except Merchant)

  • Double or Nothing: (1-100) Gives a chance of receiving 2 items at once.  (Skill / 2) %

  • Repair: (1-50) Gives a chance of cool the Drill without stop the dig process (Skill / 10) %

  • Drill Box: (1-50) Allow you to create more than 1 Drill, +1 x skill

  • Magical Detection: (1-100) Increase the detection range in (Skill %)

  • Base Exp Booster: (1-100) Increase the chances of gain Base EXP during the drill process (Skill / 10) %

  • Job Booster: (1-100) Add chances of gain Job EXP during the dig process (Skill / 10) %

  • Boot Care: (1-100) Decrease the chances of break the Driller Boots during the dig process (Skill %)

  • Privacy: (1) The gained items doesn't show the miner name

  • Mine Guardian: (1-50) Gives a chance of receive damage to protect the mine from the destruction. (Skill %)

  • Miner Aura: (1-100) Decrease the chances of receive damage during the dig process. (Skill / 2 %)

  • Corrosive Oil: (1-100) Softens the rocks reducing the drill deterioration during the dig process. (Skill / 25)


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Re: World of Mining

Miner Types

There are a total of 9 different mines, all of which drop minerals at different rates. The lower level mines are known for dropping more "trash" items than the higher level mines. It is important to increase your Miner Level so you can gain access to these more productive mines and skills that increase drop rate of minerals.

1. Moonlight Mine

  • Min level to detect: 0

  • Distance to detect: 100

  • Min level to drill: 0

  • Roughness: 12

2. Eddga Mine

  • Min level to detect: 0

  • Distance to detect: 80

  • Min level to drill: 0

  • Roughness: 12

3. Doppelganger Mine

  • Min level to detect: 0

  • Distance to detect: 75

  • Min level to drill: 5

  • Roughness: 14

4. Turtle General Mine

  • Min level to detect: 10

  • Distance to detect: 35

  • Min level to drill: 15

  • Roughness: 16

5. Thanatos Mine

  • Min level to detect: 15

  • Distance to detect: 10

  • Min level to drill: 40

  • Roughness: 17

6. Pharaoh Mine

  • Min level to detect: 20

  • Distance to detect: 20

  • Min level to drill: 50

  • Roughness: 18

7. Orc Hero Mine

  • Min level to detect: 30

  • Distance to detect: 50

  • Min level to drill: 75

  • Roughness: 19

8. Baphomet Mine

  • Min level to detect: 40

  • Distance to detect: 15

  • Min level to drill: 150

  • Roughness: 20

9. Addax Mine

  • Min level to detect: 50

  • Distance to detect: 20

  • Min level to drill: 150

  • Roughness: 21


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Re: World of Mining

Mining Items

These are items (not including junks and etc items) that are obtaineable by Mining

  • 1 Million Zeny Bag

  • 5 Millions Zeny Bag

  • Level 10 Agility Scroll

  • Level 10 Blessing Scroll

  • Level 5 Assumptio Scroll

  • Yggdrasil Berry Box (3)

  • Biotite

  • Pyroxene

  • Citrin

  • Turquoise

  • Rose Quartz

  • Muscovite

  • Phlogopite

  • Enriched Elunium

  • Enriched Oridecon

  • Costume Polar Bear Cap

  • Costume Kabuto Helm

  • Candy Ring

  • Costume Glare Slayer

  • TCG Card

  • Bloody Branch

  • Dragon Shenron

  • Blessing of Porings

  • Omnis Wing

  • Black Fluffy Wing

  • Costume Legendary Wings of Ice Dragon

  • Costume Hof Wing V1

  • Traveler Hat

  • Mystery Cat Hat

  • Black Angel of Ghost

  • Wind Milestone

  • Agility Scroll Box (10)

  • Blessing Scroll Box (10)

  • Assumptio Scroll Box (10)

  • Yggdrasil Berry Box (10)

  • Vote Coin

  • Ten Gallon Hat of Flame

  • Costume Kagerou Helm

  • Green Venom Box Set

  • WoE Coin

  • Furry Black Coat

  • Costume Lupus RC V2

  • Costume Lupus RC V3

  • Nydhorgg's Shadow Garb

  • Costume Lupus RC V4

  • Costume Lupus RC V7

  • Costume Satan Morocc Spirit

  • Cyan Destiny Costume Box Set

  • Destiny Costume Box Set

  • Boarding Halter

  • Ice Wolf God Box Set

  • Fire Wolf God Box Set


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