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Lite Graphics Plugin (LGP)


Since our server has run quite long, we've decided to enable the @lgp (and other) commands in the server. LGP is stands for Lite Graphics Plugin, which we hope will seriously improve your PVP, PVM and WOE gameplay.

What is the Lite Graphics Plugin (LGP)?

LGP is a plugin that was developed by the same person who provides us with Gepard Shield. It's partially based on the RCX Tool that was often used in the past to improve gameplay.

It serves several purposes. First off all, LGP allows you to play with effects disabled and you can still see where skills are cast. Particularly in crowded situations like War of Emperium, this can seriously reduce the strain on not just your eyes but also your computer in general. So in conclusion, you can manage and plan well for your next move.

How to use LGP?

The plugin comes with several other commands which all serve their own purposes. For starters, these commands are only work like an other commands which is you need to type it in game to enable those. Let's go through them one by one:

  • @lgp - Toggles the Lite Graphics Plugin. You need to enable this command before you can setting others.

  • @aoes - Toggles colored cells to indicate the range of an AoE skill. This allows you to specifically see the cells that an AoE skill affects.

  • @square <on/off/1-14> - Shows a colored square around your character to determine cell amounts. You could use this to remind yourself of your melee range for instance.

  • @circle - Toggles a colored circle around your character to determine maximum casting range.

  • @shake - Toggles shaking for skills such as Critical Explosion. Does the same as /quake command basically.

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