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Changelogs: 3 AUGUST 2021

- Every Box of Sunlight usages, there will be a status icon appear on right screen panel
- Stylist NPC location changed to Caspen 258,258
- Those buffed skills for certain jobs has been reverted back to its original default
- Safe refine level for all items (accessory excluded) in 1-Click has been added in Caspen Refiner Room
- Custom weapon shop added in Caspen 182,183
  • You need to finish Z-Gang Quest & Rogue Guild Investigation Quest in order to get ERO Recommendation Ticket
  • Z-Gang Quest guides:
  • Rogue Guild Investigation Quest guides: … tion_Quest
  • The quest and materials is easy so that players can hunt as many as they want and refine. Soon, +9 or higher refine bonus will be added
  • Custom weapon effects are still under observation and will be adjusted from time to time to keep the game balance

P/S: Please run the ElementsPatcher before start the game


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