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Quest Items

Start Making Quest Items

Once you reached max level, you can start making quest items. Talk to Quest Shop NPC located in caspen 181,179 (see picture below).


There are several material items required for making quest items and can't be dropped by normal monsters.

  • Free Points - Can be obtained by staying online in game without relog/disconnect/change character at least 1 HOUR or kill any MVP and get 5-10 points randomly per mvp killed.

  • Elements Vote Coin - Only can be obtained by vote for this server and exchange the vote points into Elements Vote Coin in Elements Voting Staff located in caspen 184,190 (see picture below). You can CLICK HERE to start a vote for this server.


The rest of the quest materials, you may CLICK HERE for more details.

Rare Stones

All the quest items required RARE STONES. These are the rare stones needed for making quest items.

  • Phlogopite Item ID: 7290

  • Muscovite Item ID: 7292

  • Rose Quartz Item ID: 7293

  • Turquoise Item ID: 7294

  • Citrin Item ID: 7295

  • Pyroxene Item ID: 7296

  • Biotite Item ID: 7297

These stones are huntable in Bossnia Dungeon. You can access this map by using Warper NPC located in every towns and select Special Areas -> Bossnia Dungeon. Please click CLICK HERE to check those monster's details.


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