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Not sure where else to post this..

But it's been years since I've played RO, I was drawn to this private server because there is no donation store. That being said, I'm a little lost.

I've made a GS 99/70 and a Stalker 99/70 which took pretty much no time at all. However, I'm a little lost on where to go from here. Should I just endlessly farm 17carat diamonds until I can buy better stuff? I've tried to do some of the quests, but the mobs that drop the required items destroy both toons. Is there a recommended starting toon? Or do I just need to grind out hundreds and hundreds of millions of zeny to be able to have a relevant toon?


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Re: Not sure where else to post this..

Hey read my guide on starting out to understand the basics of the server. You can either farm lots of zeny to get everything, but an easier and more efficient way is to farm around 100m, buy some decentish gear, and then attempt to farm all the materials from the mobs you kill. Alternatively, if you're bored of farming you can farm materials to sell. For instance killing Isillas and Vanberks drop up to 2 bloody ruins, each sell for 300k.

I recommend a bio since they're so easy to play. A sniper is also easy for farming early on. Vote everyday and farm mats and you'll get all the gear you need soon big_smile


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