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Guide to Market Prices As of June 2, 2020

Quest Shop

Top Head
Hat of the Sun God [2]

Divine Helm [1] [1b-1.2b]
Traveler Hat [1] [1b-1.2b]

Ten Gallon Hat Of Flame [1] [2.2b-3b]
Pimp Hat [1] [2.2b-3b]

Niffleheim Bunny Hat [1] ?
Cute Novice [1] ?

Wind Milestone [1] ?
Black Wind Milestone [1] ?
Red Cat Ears Beret [1] ?
Evil Druid Hat [1] ?

Felinus [1] ?
Red Silk Hat [1] ?

Black Dragon Head [1] [1.3b-1.6b]
Great Anthler Hat [1] [1.3b-1.6b]
Knight Helmet [1] [1.3b-1.6b]

Mystery Cat Hat [1] [1.3b-1.5b]
Dragon Hat [1] [1.3b-1.5b]
Fire Hat [1] [1.3b-1.5b]

Black Deadmou5 Hat [1] [1.5b-2b]
Blue Deadmou5 Hat [1] [1.5b-2b]
Green Deadmou5 Hat [1] [1.5b-2b]
Orange Deadmou5 Hat [1] [1.5b-2b]
Pink Deadmou5 Hat [1] [1.5b-2b]
Red Deadmou5 Hat [1] [1.5b-2b]

Anubis Helm [1] [1.5b-2b]
Orc Hero Headdress [1] [1.5b-2b]

Middle Head

Low Head

Elements Custom
Elements Card [1.2b - 1.7b]

Special Custom Headgears
Saiyan Box Set Yellow [3b - 4b]
Saiyan Box Set SSJ3 [3b - 4b]
Saiyan Box Set BLUE [3b - 4b]
Saiyan Box Set ROSE [3b - 4b]
Saiyan Box Set BLACK [2b - 3b]
Saiyan Box Set RED [3b - 4b]
Abbadon Box Set [6b - 7b]
God of Thunder Box Set [6b - 7b]
Green Venom Box Set [6b - 7b]
Gumiho Box Set [6b - 7b]

Valkyrian Armor  [400m-500m]
Valkyrian Manteau [100m-140m]
Valkyrian Shoes [40m-50m]
Valkyrja's Shield [20m-50m]

Diabolus Armor [500m-600m]
Diabolus Robe [500m-600m]
Diabolus Boots [500m-600m]
Diabolus Manteau [20m-30m]
Diabolus Ring [10m]

Entweihen Crothen [15b-20b]
Memory of Thanatos Card [9b-10b]
Berzebub Card [4.5b-6b]
Kiel-D Card [250m-300m]
Doppelganger Card [130m-150m]

Toad Card [100m-120m]
Vagabond Card [100m-120m]
Vocal Card [100m-120m]
Toad Card [100m-120m]

PVP Costumes
Any [700m-1b]

Free Points
Per Point [500k-700k]

Event Tickets
Per Ticket [30b-60b]

Enchanted Armors
Diabolus Robe
+3 DEX [14b-15b]
+3 INT [20b-25b]
+3 STR [5b-6b]
+3 VIT [1.5b-2b]

Diabolus Armor
+3 DEX [4b-5b]
+3 INT [4b-5b]
+3 STR [7b-8b]
+3 VIT [8b-9b]

Valkyrian Armor
+3 DEX [8b-9b]
+3 INT [10b-15b]
+3 STR [5b-6b]
+3 VIT [8b-9b]

Elemental Armors
Lucius's Fierce Armor of Volcano [300m-400m]
Aebecee's Raging Typhoon Armor [2b-3b]
Claytos Cracking Earth Armor [2b-3b]
Saphien's Armor of Ocean [1] [8b-15b]

Special Costumes
Costume Jack O-Lantern Head [3b-6b]
Costume Black Red Super Saiyan Aura [3b-6b]
Costume Mix Saiyan Aura [3b-6b]
Costume Ultra Instinct Aura [6b-10b]
Costume Overflowing Aura [3b-6b]
Costume Divine Aura [3b-6b]
Costume Atomic Energy [3b-6b]

Enriched Elunium Box [100m-300m]
Enriched Oridecon Box [100m-300m]
Bubble Gum Box [100m-300m]
Gym Pass Box [100m-300m]

Over Upgraded Gears SRP
Armors & Level 3/4 Weaons
+7 Over upgraded gear = ((Base Price +10m)x 3)
+8 = (+7 Price) x 2
+9 = (+8 Price) x 2
+10 = (+9 Price) x 5

Example: Diabolus Boots base price at 500m
+7 will be [1.530b]
+8 will be [3.060b]
+9 will be [6.120b]
+10 will be [30.6b]

Note: The final price will be heavily affected by the base price of that item which can vary depending on ease of procurement of raw materials.

This is a live document, please leave a comment on recommendations for improvement.

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Re: Guide to Market Prices As of June 2, 2020

This is a great thread idea. But it may step on some seller's toes.
I would suggest you list down hot items in the server such as enriched ores boxes, dead branches and a few quest items like blade lost in darkness, rune of darkness, etc.

Also, I might avoid listing down some super rare or new items such as the elemental armors for now.
Prices are still uncertain for those.

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