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Newbies Starter Guide

Starting The Adventures

Once you exit from the Training Ground, go to Caspen Town using Warper NPC and claim your freebies at Freebies NPC located in caspen 184,193 (see picture below). You can only claim the freebies JUST ONCE PER ACCOUNT.


After that, don't forget to check out our Elements Mall located in caspen 165,180 (see picture below). This mall only sell basic equips. For better equipments, you need to hunt it by yourself.


Then you can start grinding to level 99 as usual. DON'T FORGET to use the battle manual that you get from freebies for easy leveling. Once you reached level 99 with transcended job, you can now check out our Quest Shop for better equipments located in caspen 181,179 (see picture below).



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